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Mission Statement

We are a leading consulting business for reputation management, specifically in crisis situations. Through our work we protect the image of your company with all relevant stakeholders within the political, social and economic spheres, as well as with the media. Through the use of strategic argumentation we win the minds of these stakeholders and thereby sway public opinion to your benefit. We make use of instruments from the field of PR as well as argumentation theory, in order to stabilise the position of your company in its environment and maintain that position long-term.

Crisis Communication

Those who carry responsibilities often have to make correct decisions very fast. When time is short and the situation unclear, experience is often the last and only saving grace. Within our various mandates we have helped numerous decision makers in unerringly making the right call.

When the issues seem unmanageable and the clock is ticking, we bring our strengths into play: We understand complexity and argue the strategically relevant points. Thus we meet challenges effectively and efficiently, whether they are criticism against a business model, compliance investigations or product flaws.

In emergencies we intervene consequently. It is however better to prepare for such emergencies: We can help you before the advent of a crisis with crisis action-plans or argumentations and train your crisis management teams in simulations.

Litigation PR

All are equal before a court of law – but not necessarily before the court of public opinion and the media. The public often passes its own judgement, long before the legal courts do, and seldom offers a chance at revision. This puts additional weight on those responsible. On top of that the damage resulting from a loss of reputation is often greater than the damage of an actual defeat in court would be.

In our consulting company we combine excellent strategic communication with legal expertise. We understand the legal necessities surrounding a complex litigation and combine it with strategic argumentation in the public debate.

We cultivate a comprehensive network with lawyers, specialists in entertainment law and auditors. In emergencies we develop strategies in consultation with these partners in order to protect our clients from harm.

Corporate Argumentation

Modern companies communicate with many different stakeholder over a number of different channels. Within this multi-layered communication the company has to continuously and consistently explain its business model and potential deviations, in order to achieve long-term success.

Corporate Argumentation (CA) is a summary of these strategic and tactical explanations. It records how stakeholders develop their positions and defines, which arguments over which channels a company should use in its interactions with them.

Especially with complex issues a CA allows control and successful direction of a thorough argumentation for wide-spread and intricate groups of stakeholders. We support you in the analysis of relevant stakeholders and determine fitting arguments. This will ensure the acceptance and relevance of your company.

Media Training

One of the most potent tools in corporate communication is the personal message of the CEO. When the messenger communicates in an authentic manner, an interview or speech can change the positions and opinions of important stakeholders long-term.

Especially in critical situations communicators should have the strategic option, of using the company’s decision makers for interactions with the media. Through poignant arguments from an authentic source they are enabled to convince their audience.

The basis for our media trainings has been the same for 18 years: We understand the business model of our clients and keep the strategic framework in mind. We train accurately and pinpoint argumentative weaknesses.

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